Voice Activated Integration:
An Experiential Way to Unlock the Unconscious and Free the Body of the Energy of the Past

By John Hoyle

Paperback. 182 pages

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Voice Activated Integration - An Experiential Way to Unlock the Unconscious and Free the Body from the Energy of the Past presents a simple, innovative technique that uses the voice as a vehicle to navigate the uncharted space of our inner worlds. It engages wounded identities stored in the unconscious in a direct dialogue to resolve energetic dynamics that have been locked in the past for years, generations, since the dawn of humanity or even since the birth of our universe. The effect is a profound release of whatever has been limiting a person's ability to create a fulfilling, harmonious experience. Each process is a fascinating journey guided by the individual's truth, and all it requires is the courage to keep looking inward for solutions to situations that appear to be outwardly caused. The beauty of Voice Activated Integration lies in the fact that it's simple and can be learned by individuals to work on themselves or with partners. It's also possible to resolve archetypal issues using VAI. It is a tool that can be used to create conscious evolution.


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