Uncrossing Mojo


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Uncrossing products sell best for us above any other, and our Uncrossing mojo hand is likewise quite popular. A crossed condition refers to any circumstance that gets in your way, and the act of uncrossing removes that unwanted circumstance. This is achieved through a powerful act of spiritual cleansing that exorcises negative energy from your path, leaving you opened and uncrossed. While actual cleansing, such as an uncrossing bath, is ideal for removing crossed conditions, this Uncrossing mojo bag is effective for keeping your path from becoming crossed in the first place. It is composed of powerful herbs, curio and seals that have traditionally been used to cleanse away bad energy that might otherwise trip you up.

Includes half ounce bottle of Uncrossing water, a cone of incense, and instructions on how to bring your mojo to life.

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