78 card deck. 248 page Book.This deck offers a system using the healing power centers of the body, archetypal mysticism, the sacred feminine, and an awakened consciousness as a means to acquire greater health, empowerment, and purpose.

Introducing a beautiful new synergistic Goddess oracle designed and executed by three uniquely creative women in an artistic collaboration that satisfies body, mind and soul. The Triple Goddess Tarot was envisioned by Isha Lerner as a tool for living life " each day as if I were the Goddess." The deck is stunningly executed through Mara Friedman's lovely paintings which, although they stand alone in their own right, become potent oracular forces in this collaborative project that also includes the expressive communication of editor Tara McKinney. Tarot deck, chakra study, and alchemical initiation, this attractive woman-loving oracle is at once simple and complex?simple in the sense that it doesn't over-burden the reader with scholarly references, complex in that it offers a variety of ways to use the deck.

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