The Tao of Sobriety:
Helping You to Recover from Alcohol and Drug Addiction

By David Gregson & Jay S. Efran PH.D.

Paperback. 224

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"The Tao of Sobriety" shows how to apply eastern philosophy to enhance recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. With a few simple mental exercises, readers can learn how to quiet "The Committee," those nasty mental voices that undermine serenity and self-esteem. With leaders of the recovery movement enthusiastically endorsing this uniquely helpful book, "The Tao of Sobriety" is an invaluable addition to the recovery bookshelf.

Author Bio
David Gregson is a counselor currently specializing in drug and alcohol misuse issues. He practices at West Coast Alternatives Society with the best crew in all of beautiful British Columbia. Jay S. Efran, Ph.D., is Professor of Psychology and Director of the Psychological Services Center at Temple University and has been a therapist for more than thirty years. He has served as President of the Academic Division of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association and is the recipient of several teaching awards. He also presents workshops for psychotherapists and family therapists here and abroad.

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