The Sand Labyrinth Kit:
Meditation at Your Fingertips

By Lauren Artress

Labyrinth w/ Sand. 80 pages

Publisher Marketing
The sand labyrinth includes: a beautiful 10-inch square wood box with fine white sand, two different labyrinth patterns for tracing meditations, plus a book with complete instructions, suggestions about which labyrinth to use for specific purposes, and inspirational, meditative quotes--Container back.; Trace the labyrinth to quiet your mind and hear your sacred wisdom.

The founder of the Worldwide Labyrinth Project offers a kit to be used anywhere, anytime, on tabletops desktops, beds, or laps. Includes a ten-inch square sandbox with two traditional labyrinth tops that fit perfectly on top of a layer of fine white sand for finger tracing. Full color.

Author Bio
Lauren Artress is also the author of "The Sacred Path Companion." She is the founder and president of Veriditas, the Voice of the Labyrinth Movement, and is the former canon for special ministries at San Francisco's Grace Cathedral.

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