What are they saying about you when your back is turned? Likely it is not as kind as you would like. Stop Gossip formulas are traditionally used in Hoodoo to shut people up. Extreme spells involve beef tongues and keeping gross objects in your freezer. No need for all that when you have an ally as powerful as Modern Conjure's Stop Gossip mojo hand. It is constructed using sacred herbs, curio, seals and alum, items that have traditionally been used to silence wagging tongues.

Includes half ounce bottle of Stop Gossip water, a cone of incense, and instructions on how to bring your mojo to life.

An expert way of working this mojo is to anoint it with Wisdom of Solomon oil or water while telling the spirit of your mojo how you would like to be talked about, extolled for your wisdom and eloquence instead of your faults. There are so many good things that folk could be saying about you, and its is high time that they begin.

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