Sticks, Stones, Roots & Bones:
Hoodoo, Mojo & Conjuring with Herbs 

By Rose Stephanie Bird

Paperback. 274 pages.

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Hoodoo is an eclectic blend of African traditions, Native American herbalism, Judeo-Christian ritual, and magical healing. Tracing Hoodoo's magical roots back to West Africa, Stephanie Rose Bird provides a fascinating history of this nature-based healing tradition and gives practical advice for applying Hoodoo magic to everyday life.

Table of Contents
"Introduction 1 
A Word About Nature 8 
Sticks, Stones, Roots & Bones 9 
1 Fixin' to Work Roots 15 
Time and Space 15 
Equipment and Tools 16 
Gathering and Drying Herbs 21 
Storage 24 
Extraction Techniques 24 
A Note About Animism 25 
2 It's in the Bag 27 
African Concepts 28 
Nation Sacks 39 
3 The Broom in Hoodoo 43 
Brooms and Africans 43 
Brooms and African Americans 49 
Chinese Wash 58 
Sacudimento 59 
A Spontaneous Broom Ritual 59 
4 Cleaning Rituals and Spirit Washes 63 
Spiritually Cleansing the Home 66 
Spiritually Cleansing the Body 72 
Soap 76 
Body Oil 79 
Body Powders 80 
Sweet Waters 82 
Fragrant Waters 83 
5 Harvesting the Gifts of Fire 85 
Autumn Holidays, American Style 85 
Harvesting the Gifts of Fire 88 
Candle Colors 89 
Anointin' and Dressin' Candles 91 
The Conjuring Altar 93 
Disposal of Candle Wax 94 
Kinnikinnik 94 
Fire 96 
Water 97 
Earth 98 
Family 99 
6 The Elements of War 101 
Power of the Universe 104 
Ogun, Orisha of the Warriors 105 
Oya, Orisha of the Wind 107 
Shango the Alchemist 108 
Foot Track Magick 108 
Protection Rings 112 
War Water Bottles 113 
Graveyard Dirt 114 
Elegba 115 
The Crossroads 116 
7 Keepin' the Peace 119 
Waters of Peace 120 
Dirt and Minerals 126 
8 Prosperity 129 
Growin' Green 130 
Amulets from Ancient Egypt 134 
Charming Gifts of the Sea 135 
Irish Moss 136 
Use the Element of Fire 139 
Horseshoes and Nails 140 
Lucky Hand Washes 141 
Money Jars 143 
9 Gettin' Some Love & Keepin' It Close 145 
Making and Maintaining a Love Mojo 145 
History and Traditions of Hoodoo Love Magick 148 
Aromatherapy for Hoodoo Love Draw 151 
Pomanders 153 
Sunkissed Love Draw Tips 156 
The Rose 157 
10 Fertility 165 
Goddesses of Fertility 168 
Makela, Queen of Sheba 169 
Mawu 171 
Nefertiti 172 
11 Sacred Rites of Commitment 175 
The Language of Flowers 176 
More Floral Ideas 178 
Hoodoo in Shower Gifts, Wedding Accents, and Home Decor 184 
The Book of Days 186 
After the Ceremony 187 
Reception 187 
The Honey Moon 188 
12 Hoodoo Child 189 
Pregnancy 190 
Childbirth 198 
The Blessed Event 201 
A Room of One's Own 205 
Menarche and Manhood 206 
13 The Conjurer's Dream 209 
Protective Amulets 214 
Divination and Prophetic Dreams 215 
The Spirits Who Ride 221 
Mythic Goddesses Who Inform Our Dreams 222 
Kyphi 225 
The Dreamer's Charms 226 
14 Passin' On 229 
Traditional Burial Customs 237 
Hoodoo for the Terminally Ill 241 
Rituals and Ceremonies 244 
"Appendix A: At-Risk and Endangered Materials 247 
Appendix B: Resources 253 
Appendix C: Organizations 257 
Glossary 259 
Bibliography and Recommended Reading 267 
Index 271

Author Bio
Stephanie Rose Bird is a hereditary intuitive, contemporary rootworker, solitary green witch and visionary. She has been involved with mysticism, symbology, spiritualism and the occult for thirty years. Bird is inspired by her ancestors, in particular her grandmothers, one of which was a psychic and the other a spiritualist minister and herbal healer. Her uncle, a Santeria priest, Babalawo of Shango, taught her the Ifa traditions of the Yoruba people. Bird studies healing, magical and divination traditions of indigenous people around the world with a focus on Africa. Her passions include keeping the ancient traditions alive and updating them so that they evolve with us, suiting our current environment and lifestyles. She is a member of the American Folklore Soceity, the Herb Research Foundation and the Handcrafted Soap Maker's Guild. 

Bird holds a BFA cum laude from Temple University and an MFA from UC San Diego, and has received multiple academic awards. Bird was an assistant professor at the School of the Art Institute of the Art Institute of Chicago from 1986-2002. Bird is active advising masters' and doctoral candidates, giving lectures, conducting goddess rituals, and writing for numerous publications.

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