Spiritual Protection:
A Safety Manual for Energy Workers, Healers, and Psychics

By Sophie Reicher

Paperback. 221 pages

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Spiritual Protection: A Safety Manual for Energy Workers, Psychics, and Healers is a training handbook for anyone interested in deepening their psychic abilities, training gifts already in evidence, or simply developing a greater sensitivity to energy. 

This no-nonsense book, with its special emphasis on safety, protection, and energetic awareness, takes readers step by step through a thorough system of exercises designed to increase competence, confidence, and skill. Focusing on oft-neglected fundamentals, Reicher cuts through the complexity and confusion so often surrounding this topic and instead offers clear instructions and explanations that even the most novice of readers can easily follow. 

Spiritual Protection will show: 
Psychics and Readers how to cut mental ties at the end of session. 
Healers how to avoid energetic overload during a session. 
Techniques can be used everyday to help with stress and overall well-being.

Author Bio
Sophie Reicher has been an occultist, diviner, and magician for more than twenty years. Originally trained in Ceremonial Magic, she has also studied Kabala, hoodoo/rootwork, and rune magic. She is a regular contributor to two online magazines: godsmouths.blogspot.com and bloodfordivine.blogspot.com. Her work may also be found in Day Star and Whirling Wheel and Runes: Theory and Practice, both by Galina Krasskova. Reicher can frequently be found teaching classes in psychic protection in New York City, where she lives and works.

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