A single silver "Mercury" dime, hand selected for you by our staff of spiritual practitioners. Photo is an example only. The issuing year of your dime may vary from that pictured.

Old time hoodoo root doctors say that "Mercury" (silver) dimes are a potent protection charm, as well as a charm for gambling luck. Worn around the ankle, they protect against curses and negative workings by warning the wearer. If the dime turns black (or if the string breaks) then you have been exposed to negative magic you should immediately perform cleansing rites to remove the unwanted condition.

A silver dime is also used to draw luck in gambling, especially if dressed with a money drawing oil and wrapped in a $2 bill. Dimes from a "leap year" are especially potent for this and are much prized by gamblers.

The dime can also be added to a mojo bag to enhance its effects. Sold as curio only.

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