Setting Lights is a time-honored method for focusing the energy of prayer and spell-work. We will dress your candle with our special blends of oils and herbs, adding glitter or other curios for increased vitality. Traditional prayer and contemporary mystical practices go into the crafting, lighting, and disposal of your candle.

Premium - $20
Based on your intended goal, our staff will choose one of our in-house Modern Conjure brand dressed candles and then Storm or Chas will burn it for you with a prayer in their private shrine. Please note that this tier of service does NOT include a report or photo. 

Deluxe - $25
Same as Premium, but when your candle is finished burning you will receive a written candle report via email. 

Optimum - $30
Same as Deluxe, but also includes a photo of the completed candle. 

Expert - $35
Chas or Storm will choose a 7-Day candle and empower it with custom sigils based on your name and nature of the work. They will work with their spirits to make a custom blend of herbs and oils to dress and then burn a candle in their shrine, after which you will receive a photo & written report via email.

Any of these services may also be purchased as a 'candle run', which is a series of candles (we offer 7, 9, or 12) which are burned back-to-back for a more powerful and directed, longer-term solution to your situation. Prices are in the drop-down menu below. 

Choose your service from the dropdown menu below and within 7 days your candle will be dressed and empowered based on your individual needs. In the cart BEFORE YOU PROCEED TO CHECKOUT include a note in the box provided with your full name and a BRIEF description of any details that are pertinent to your goal (i.e. other people's full names, dates, description of your desired outcome, etc.) Candles purchased without descriptions will be set for blessings on behalf of the person whose name appears on the transaction. 

Please know that we are unable to comment on candles that are "in progress", but will email you a report when your candle is finished. Please allow 14-21 days from date of purchase for arrival of your report. We do not respond to inquiries before this time frame has completed. Reports of candle runs will be sent after the entire run is completed. Please estimate each candle taking 7 days to burn, with an additional 7 days for processing. 

Pictures: Expert services only. If you are setting a light on someone's behalf and wish for us to utilize a picture in our work please indicate such in the note with the candle description and then email the picture(s) to If we do not receive the pictures within 24 hours we will proceed without them. 

In keeping with tradition all items are sold as curios.

By purchasing this service you are agreeing to the following:

I understand that this service is not a substitute for legal, medical, mental, or other professional care. I understand that no magical or spiritual claims can be legally made and that by purchasing this service I agree not to hold The Mystic Dream, its parent company Satyrs, Inc., its owners, employees, or practitioners responsible for any damage that may result. I understand that any photos or reports will take two weeks from the purchase date to be delivered and that reports for candle runs will be delivered within two weeks after completion of the entre run. All sales are final. Refunds are prohibited. 

If you do not agree to these terms then do not purchase this service. 

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