This 2nd Edition features the same content, but with more vibrant colors, better cardstock, and printed locally in California! 

100-page booklet offers a science story for every card plus explores new science spread layouts. Includes 78 original artworks on 3"x5" cards on high quality cardstock, vivid colors and a different artist for each Suit. Sturdy and beautiful 2-piece box stores all cards and booklet easily. 

Tarot cards decorated with symbolic images have been used for centuries for entertainment, insight and exploration. The images on the cards depict mythic human experiences and archetypes. Science Tarot reinterprets the tarot with original artworks inspired by scientific discovery of the natural world. This offers an engaging, personal invitation into diverse fields of science, including astronomy, chemistry, physics, and biology. 

Science Tarot cards can be laid out in patterns and read like traditional tarot. By viewing the science concepts on each card, associations trigger insights about the world around us and our place in it. Campbell's Hero's Journey is adapted to tell each suit's unique story from Ace to Ten. Find your own hero's path through the myths and archetypes represented in these science stories. 

Created by a collaboration of talent including scientists, tarot readers, designers and artists, united by a desire to explore at the intersection of science and art: Wands Suit by Janelle Schneider, Pentacles Suit by Kristy Whitehouse, Swords Suit by Shari Arai DeBoer, Cups Suit by Tammy Stellanova, Major Arcana by Kristian Johnson Michiels (adapted original Major Arcana art by Suzanne Forbes for publication), Graphics by John Daniel, and created by Logan Austeja Daniel, Martin Azevedo, and Raven Hanna. 

The Science Tarot is a fascinating set for illumination and discovery, and many science stories can be enjoyed through its lens.
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