Saltwater Buddha:
A Surfer's Quest to Find Zen on the Sea

By Jaimal Yogis

Paperback. 238 pages

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Fed up with suburban teenage life, Jaimal Yogis ran off to Hawaii with little more than a copy of Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha and enough cash for a surfboard. His journey is a coming-of-age saga that takes him from communes to monasteries and the icy New York shore. Equal parts spiritual memoir and surfer's tale, this is a chronicle of finding meditative focus in the barrel of a wave and eternal truth in the great salty blue.

Author Bio
Jaimal Yogis is an award-winning journalist and photographer who spends a good deal of his spare time surfing and traveling the globe. He has a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University in New York City and his work has been published in "The Washington Post," "The Chicago Tribune," "The Toronto Star," "Beliefnet," "Tricycle," and many more. He lives in San Francisco and is a regular contributor for "San Francisco Magazine."

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