Run Devil Run Herb Blend


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This blend is ideal for devils of the non-human variety. Those things that drag you down, that trip you up at every turn. Write the name of your devil on a slip of paper, such as that "Smoking Devil" who tempts you to smoke, or "Snake Eyed Devil" who makes you loose at dice. Place the paper in a matchbox, and fill the remaining space with Run Devil Run herb blend. Burying this in a graveyard is said send your devils back off to Hell. 

We use quality herbs chosen for their traditional use in practices of folk magic, blended with expert care to create an herb blend that is potent and aromatic.

You can conjure the energy of this herb blend in several ways. It may be burnt on a charcoal or in a cauldron (always in a safe, ventilated space), as incense. A small amount may be sprinkled into devotional candles, or an oil dressed candle may be rolled in these herbs. They may be carried in a pouch, or placed in a significant place such as beneath your bed or in your office. They can be brewed into a infusion of water and used to wash or bless a space or sacred items. Be creative and claim their power as your own.

 In keeping with tradition this item is sold as a curio.

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