Personal Power Through Awareness:
Book Two of the Earth Life Series
By Sanaya Roman

Paperback. 216 pages.

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This accelerated step-by-step course in sensing energy is taught by Orin, a wise and gentle spirit teacher channeled by Sanaya Roman. Using these eary-to-follow processes, thousands have learned to create immediate and profound changes in their relationships, their self-images, and their ability to love and be loved.

You need no longer be affected by other people's moods or negativity. You can recognize when you have taken on other people's energy and easily release it. You can learn to stay centered and balanced, know who you are, increase the positive energy around you, and help and heal others.

Your sensitivity is a gift. Learn to use it to send a receive telepathic messages, increase your intuitive abities, and open to higher guidance. You can leave the denser energies, where things are often painful, and live in the igher energies, where you can feel loving, calm, focused, and positive.

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After mastering Living with Joy, the first book of the Earth Life Series, readers should move onto this text to arm themselves against negativity, change negative into positive, learn to send and receive telepathic messages, increase intuition and learn higher communication.

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