Navajo and Tibetan Sacred Wisdom:
The Circle of the Spirit

By Pter Gold

Paperback. 350 pages

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Author Peter Gold draws extensive parallels between the Navajo and Tibetan spiritual traditions. Creation myths, cosmology, the uncanny resemblance of their physical features, and the mandala sand paintings common to both cultures suggest a legacy shared by these seemingly disparate people. This sensitive comparison inspires us to reflect on our own cultural paradigms.

Author Bio
Formerly a research assistant to Dr. Margaret Mead and curator at Indiana University's anthropology and folklore museum, Gold is currently on the anthropology faculty of the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. He is also the author of "Tibetan Reflections: Life in a Tibetan Refugee Community; Altar of the Earth: The Life, Land, and Spirit of Tibet; and Tibetan Pilgrimage,"

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