Modern Witch Essential Supplies Box


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Modern Witch
Essential Supplies Box

Most of us don’t need much for our practice, but it sure does suck when we run out of our favorite ingredients! ENTER PROVISIONS BOX #2: Modern Witch Essentials! In this box you will find everything you need to keep the magic flowing, in addition to a few surprises, here is a list of what you can expect to find in each box.

-Charcoal Briquette 10pk
-1/2 oz Loose Cleansing Herb Mix
-1/2 oz Loose Temple Blend Botanical Incense 
-7 Power Tumbled Stone Pack ($50.00 retail value)
-1 oz Frankincense
-1 oz Myrrh
-1 0z Copal
-4” Iron Incense Smudge/burner
-Dragons Blood Dipped Sage Bundle
-Small Metal Altar Pentacle
-Five 8” (Smokeless/Dripless) Beeswax Spell Candles

You get all of this, plus a few surprises, when you order this box. It has a total retail value of over $150.00, but it is all yours for $75.00. Orders are fulfilled within 2 weeks and ship USPS. This box is heavier on the merchandise than Provisions Box #1 however does not come with access to the Modern Witch Patreon

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