Comunicandose Con El Arcangel Para La Orientacion y Proteccion

by Richard Webste

Paperback. 192 Pages.

Publisher Marketing:
Michael is considered the greatest angel in the Christian, Judaic, and Islamic traditions. Throughout the ages, he has appeared as a protector, a messenger, a guide, a warrior, and a healer. In Michael, Richard Webster presents a thorough history of this famous archangel and offers simple techniques for contacting him, petitioning his help, and creating a lasting bond. Through easy-to-perform rituals and meditations, some involving candle magic, crystals, and dreamwork, readers will learn how to get in touch with the Prince of Light for courage, protection, strength, and spiritual guidance.

Contributor Bio:
Richard Webster was born and raised in New Zealand. He has been interested in the psychic world since he was nine years old. As a teenager, he became involved in hypnotism and later became a professional stage hypnotist. After school, he worked in the publishing business and purchased a bookstore. The concept of reincarnation played a significant role in his decision to become a past-life specialist. Richard has also taught psychic development classes, which are based on many of his books. Richard's first book was published in 1972, fulfilling a childhood dream of becoming an author. Richard is now the author of over a hundred books, and is still writing today.


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