Mastering Witchcraft:
A Practical Guide for Witches, Warlocks, and Covens
By Paul Huson

Paperback. 253 pages

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An enduring classic since its publication in 1970, "Mastering Witchcraft" is one of the best how-to manuals for those wishing to practice traditional European Witchcraft as a craft rather than a New Age religion. Starting from first principles, Huson instructs the novice step by step in the arts of circle casting, blessing and banning, the uses of amulets and talismans, philters, divination, necromancy, waxen images, knots, fascination, conjuration, magical familiars, spells to arouse passion or lust, attain vengeance, and of course, counter-spells to exorcize and annul the malice of others. "A genuine "vade mecum."

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