Masks of Misrule:
The Horned God & His Cult in Europe

by Nigel Jackson


Brief Description:
A unique and detailed study of the Horned God in the Traditional Witchcraft of Britain and Europe, concentrating upon hunting, agricultural, arboreal and mystical facets of this most compelling and enduring of divine archetypes. Subjects covered include the ’Master of the Beasts’ in neolithic iconography; the White Stag of Annwyn and the Horned God of Celtia; Cernunnos, Gwyn and Fionn, Wild Edric, Herne and Harlequin; Rough Musick and ’Riding the Stang’, Saturnus and the Cult of Misrule; the Man-in-Black and the Road to the Sabbat, the Masques of Old Scrat; the Red Bones of Ressurrection and the symbology of the Skull and Crossbones in Witchcraft; Wudewasa - The Knowledge of the Green Man; Wild Men, Woodwoses, Hob-Satyrs and the God of the Goatskins, Robin Goodfellow and the Pwca: the Great God Faunus - Pan; The Cult of the Buxen and much more. In addition to the theoretical knowledge, the reader is given a number of Traditional Rituals, corresponding to specific aspects of the Old One. These include ’The Rites of the Horns of Misrule’, ’The Ceremony of Red Bones’, ’The Knowledge of the Green One’ and ’The Fire of Qayin’ working, making this volume a virtual esoteric grimoire of the inner Religion of the Horned One.

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