Lucid Dreams in 30 Days, Second Edition:
The Creative Sleep Program

By Keith Harary & Pamela Weintraub

Paperback. 128 pages

Publisher Marketing
Explore the mysteries of the sleeping self with this dream book that really works--republished after a decade of remarkable sales.

With this volume you will learn to explore the mysteries of your sleeping self. Beginning with simple steps such as keeping a dream journal to record your dreams, Keith Harary, Ph.D., and Pamela Weintraub take you step-by-step, day-by-day through the lucid dreaming process. You advance to realizing when you are in a dream state, waking up "in" your dreams, and eventually, actually controlling the content of your dreams.

Author Bio
Pamela Weintraub is an author and journalist who specializes in health, biomedicine, and psychology. She is currently a consulting editor at "Psychology Today "and executive editor at "MAMM "magazine, and has served as editor in chief of OMNI and staff writer at "Discover," Weintraub has written hundreds of articles for many national publications, including "Redbook," "Ms.," "McCall's," "Audubon, "and "Health, "to name just a few. She lives in Connecticut. 

Keith Harary is a research director of the Institute for Advanced Psychology in Tiburon, California.

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