Kitchen Witch
by Cora Anderson

Paperback. 165 pages.

A personal narrative filled with homespun wisdom, this memoir recounts the life and times of one of the foremost elders of the Fairy (Feri) Faith of the Old Religion. Her journey proceeds from an impoverished childhood in rural Alabama before the Great Depression to her marriage to the blind poet, shaman, and co-teacher of the Feri-Tradition, Vitor H. Anderson, and their life together. This warm, intimate, and bittersweet life story provides a glimpse into the world of a true American kitchen Witch, and includes her recipies, personal spells, and poetry.

Cora Anderson helped train some of the most influential voices in neo-Paganism, including Starhawk and Gwydion Pendderwen. She worked as a hospital cook for many years and was a contributing writer to 'Potpourri of Cookery.' Her articles were featured in 'Witch Eye' and 'Circle' magazines, and her recipies were published in 'Women's Circle.'

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