"Guardian of the Gates #1"
Acrylic on canvas, 16" x 20"
©2006 Storm Faerywolf

In the Feri tradition of Witchcraft it is said that the Guardians long ago came to our world from beyond the stars in order to teach humankind. It is also said that these beings "mated with the daughters of men" and produced a race of magickal beings; the Faery race, from which the Feri tradition is descended. These angelic beings serve to assist us in the process of evolutional alchemy, and in Feri we call to them to help us become as Gods.

The Guardian-of-the-Gates is the Guardian of the Center, sometimes called the keeper of the Black Heart. This Guardian is ourselves when we are purified and aligned in our own Divinity. Here it is shown as a shining black heart, whose red energy reaches deep within the star-filled earth, and whose blue power reaches up into the heavens.


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