Energy Work:
the Secrets of Healing and Spiritual Growth
By Robert Bruce

Paperback. 185 pages.

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This step-by-step approach to physical and emotional health shows how to use the body's energy centers to speed healing. In "Energy Work," Robert Bruce offers a, simple, easy-to-learn, approach to self-healing, based on his breakthrough system of Body Awareness Tactile Imaging energy work. Bruce explains how to use tactile imaging, based on one's sense of touch, rather than visualization, to stimulate the flow of vital energy throughout the body. This is a system that anyone can use, regardless of age, health, or previous experience. Readers learn how to awaken the body's energy centers and move healing, vital energy throughout the body.


Author Bio

Robert Bruce is a mystic, healer, and metaphysical researcher. He has provided consulting and healing services to the internet community since 1992. Born in England, he now resides in Australia. He frequently conducts workshops in North America. Visit him at:

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