Harpagophytum Procumbens

Common names:

'Devil's Claw'
'Elephant Tusks'
'Grapple Plant'
'Unicorn Plant'
'Wood Spider'     

The tuberous roots of this plant resemble to some a gnarled hand, therefore according to the doctrine of signatures it is used to help take hold of that which you long to possess and capture. It is widely used in spells to attract luck. Allegedly, because of its resemblance to knotted hands, it is said to help with arthritis. It’s other characteristic is taken from its seed pods, which split in two long, curling hooks, seeming to some to resemble devilish horns. If you make it your ally you are considered to have a devil on your side, and woe to any who would do harm to you, for they will have made a fearsome devil their foe as well.

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