Dancing with the Wheel
By Sun Bear (Author), Sun (Author), Bear, Sun (Author), Wind, Wabun (Author), Mulligan, Crysalis (Author)

Paperback. 256 pages

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Explains the concept of the medicine wheel, and shows how to use it in practical exercises and ceremonies to gain energy from the spirits.

Author Bio
Ann Rule is a former Seattle policewoman and the author of seventeen "New York Times bestsellers, including seven Crime Files volumes: "Empty Promises, A Rage to Kill, In the Name of Love, the #1 bestseller "A Fever in the Heart, You Belong to Me, A Rose for Her Grave, and "The End of the Dream; ...And Never Let Her Go, the nationally renowned case of deadly seducer Thomas Capano, which was made into a CBS miniseries; "Bitter Harvest, the shattering case of Debora Green, a doctor and loving mother driven to lethal acts of vengeance; the #1 bestseller "If You Really Loved Me, a chilling chronicle of a millionaire's murderous secret life; "Everything She Ever Wanted, the terrifying story of a sociopathic Georgia belle and her fatal allure; "Small Sacrifices, the horrific account of a woman's homicidal assault on her three young children; "The Stranger Beside Me, the fascinating tale of Rule's dawning horror as she realized her friend and coworker, Ted Bundy, was a serial killer; the #1 "New York Times bestseller "Dead by Sunset, a nightmarish story of a charismatic man and the women who always gave him what he wanted -- sex, money, their very lives; "The Want-Ad Killer; The I-Five Killer; The Lust Killer; and the #1 "New York Times bestselling novel "Possession. Ann Rule has testified before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Subcommittee and regularly presents seminars to law enforcement agencies, including the FBI Academy. She served on the U.S. Justice Department task force that set up VI-CAP (the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program now in place at FBI headquarters) to track and trap serial killers. She lives near Seattle, and can be contacted through her Web page at www.annrules.com.

Sun Bear, a sacred teacher of Chippewa descent, is the founder and medicine chief of the Bear Tribe, a multiracial educational society. He is a world-renowned lecturer and teacher and the author or coauthor of eight books. He is publisher of the magazine "Wildfire" and founder of the World Earth Fund.

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