The Crystal Healing Bible
By Sue Lily

Paperback. 223 pages.

Publisher Marketing:
The mineral kingdom and the crystals it contains are the foundation of all physical matter and of life itself. Crystals are the most orderly, most stable forms of matter in the entire universe. Their beauty, striking colors, and forms have always attracted attention, and yet their value goes far beyond surface appearance.
Practice divination techniques that harness a million years of earth energy to reveal your lives, loves, and destiny. Discover how to use the incredible power of crystals to develop a deeper understanding of your abilities, your relationships and your future.

Contributor Bio:
Sue Lilly has written a number of books on crystals and crystal healing, including "Crystal Doorways." She is currently the Disciplinary Chairman for the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organizations, as well as the Registrar and a Senior Tutor at the Institute of Crystal and Gem Therapists. Sue also teaches workshops and runs courses on crystal healing. Lilly has been working in complementary health since 1978 beginning as a teacher of yoga and astrology for healing. Her work now also combines kinesiology, color healing, and flower essences. She now acts as an advisor for complementary and healing groups.

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