Bridge Between Worlds:
Extraordinary Experiences That Changed Lives

By Dan Millman, Doug Childers

Paperback. 211 pages.

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A decade before Dan Millman wrote his spiritual classic "Way of the Peaceful Warrior," a motorcycle crash ended his Olympic dreams. Some years later, two thugs, one armed with a metal pipe, closed in to attack a young writer named Doug Childers. These two young men had no notion that they would one day meet, become friends, and draw upon their experiences to create a collection of inspiring stories about people whose lives were changed by extraordinary events. 

Each story in this newly revised volume (formerly titled "Divine Interventions") describes a unique journey across a metaphorical bridge to a higher reality. These stirring accounts of the lives of ordinary people as well as iconic figures, past and present, will awaken in readers a renewed faith in the mysterious possibilities hidden in daily life.

The stories invite believers and skeptics alike to consider the well-documented phenomena that challenge conventional assumptions about reality. They point to a dimension of transcendent possibility awaiting us -- across the Bridge Between Worlds.

Author Bio
Dan Millman is a former world champion gymnast, college professor, and martial arts instructor. His books have inspired more than three million readers in 28 languages. He has taught at numerous writers conferences and speaks worldwide, presenting Peaceful Warrior seminars to people from all walks of life.

Doug Childers is the coauthor of Divine Interventions and The White-Haired Girl, and has collaborated on numerous nonfiction books.

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