Begonia 'Tiger Kitten'

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Begonia are found all over the world in tropical regions and come in one of the most diverse array of colors found in the plant kingdom. While many are cultivated, several species remain unfound and unknown in the world. Datura Trading Co. participates in the Save Our Species program, which works to preserve several species of begonia that are going extinct in the wild. If your begonia is part of that effort, it will be listed under the special notes.

You will receive a plant similar to the one pictured here. 

Etheric properties: Begonias have different types of growth habits and their energy changes depending on those habits. Most begonia are good at concealing your efforts from the outside world and even protecting you from harmful spiritual energies. Small growing begonia are particularly good at filtering psychic energy within a space.


Growing conditions: Normal /Intermediate

Light: Bright indirect/Low

Ideal Humidity: 50-70% some as high as 90%

Soil: Well-draining (some do well in semi-hydro conditions)

Water: Allow to dry between waterings, water fully.

Not safe for consumption.

Special Notes: The Begonia Tiger Kitten is an excellent choice for first time begonia growers and novices. It propagates easily and grows quickly. It also does well in normal household humidity. 

Begonia 'Tiger Kitten'

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