Astral Projection Plain & Simple:
The Out-Of-Body Experience

By Osborne Phillips

Paperback. 157 pages.

Publisher Marketing
Discover a reality beyond human vision with the complete system in this book. It starts with preparation for the first steps out into the astral to clear instructions for returning to the physical body.

Come explore the astral realm. Meet spirit helpers and guides, gain insight on past events or possible futures, and experience freedom and adventure you've only dreamed about. Astral Projection Plain & Simple teaches you how to project easily, naturally, and safely. This complete guide is comprehensive in scope, with step-by-step instructions for both basic and advanced techniques. You'll discover many ways to learn, create, and simply have fun on the astral plane, including how to: --Perform astral healing techniques --Develop your psychic potential --Create an astral "watcher" to gather information --Increase your creative and problem-solving abilities --Experience astral love and sex --Encounter beloved pets who have crossed over --Travel through time to explore past eras and places --Meet elementals--the "native inhabitants" of the astral realm

Author Bio
Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips are internationally-recognized authorities on the mainstream Western Mysteries and are two of the foremost exponents of the Ogdoadic Tradition, that premier hermetic school whose keywords are knowledge and regeneration, and whose influence and works are historically traceable for the past one thousand years. 
The authors received their major esoteric training in the magical order Aurum Solis, a society which was founded in 1897 and which has continued in active existence to the present day. On July 8, 1987, the authors, then heads of Aurum Solis, retired from the Order; but on June 23, 1988, at the unanimous request of the members, they resumed office.

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