The Art of Conscious Creation:
How You Can Transform the World

By Jackie Lapin

Paperback. 210 pages.

Publisher Marketing
Are you ready to learn how to manage your personal energy frequency for the purpose of personal and global transformation? The Art of Conscious Creation gives you the simple yet extraordinary techniques to ""Consciously Create"" the life you yearn for and desire! This compelling book reveals the 25 Universal Guiding Principals that lead to a happier, more fulfilling, prosperous, and struggle-free life. You will then discover how to apply these remarkably powerful skills on behalf of the planet, helping to manifest a world that is free of hate, war, rage, hunger and environmental destruction...a world instead filled with peace, prosperity, unlimited opportunity and joy for all. Contained within this book are keys to mastering visualization on a personal and global level, to harnessing the energy that can change your life, impact the Universe and transform the world. Learn how joining with others can magnify the power of your thoughts exponentially to create a bountiful future.

Author Bio
Jackie Lapin is the founder of United World Healing, an international organization designed to unite millions around the world in daily acts of Conscious Creation, to impact the future of the planet. Lapin's pioneering vision has always been the hallmark of her highly successful professional ventures. She began her career as one of the nation's first women sportswriters, working for such entities as the Washington Post, Detroit Free Press and Associated Press. Lapin segued into media relations and within two years had launched what would become the nation's foremost sports/entertainment/special events PR firm with offices on both coasts. Lapin is also a two-time author and has taught at the university level.

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