1001 Spells:
The Complete Book of Spells for Every Purpose
by Cassandra Eason

Paperback. 544 pages.

Publisher Marketing:
For love, for money, for career, for home: this comprehensive compendium contains a creative array of spells for every conceivable desire, both big (health and healing) and more specific (like selling a house). Twenty different sections, ranging from fertility and travel to protection and justice, contain 50 spells each culminating in an ultimate spell to end all spells. "

Contributor Bio:
Cassandra Eason is an international author and broadcaster on all aspects of crystals, folklore, Celtic wisdom, Wicca, sacred sites, earth energies, divinations, and natural magic. She is a practicing solitary Druidess and white witch. Cassandra teaches and runs workshops in psychic development, magic, and witchcraft, all forms of divination, crystals, healing, aura and chakra work, and nature spirituality. She has written numerous books, including "The Complete Crystal Handbook" and "A Spell a Day".


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