The Mystic Dream Soap Oracle

Thank you for attending the 2018 New Orlean Witch's Ball. Included in your "goodie bag" was a bar of limited edition soap, handcrafted by the warlocks of The Mystic Dream just for you. Each one is different. Here you will see what special message the oracle has for you, and then you may use the soap to help wash away whatever obstacles are in your path. And when you are done, you may use the discount code: NOLA2018 for 20% off your online purchase of $50 or more at! (Hurry! Offer expires January 1, 2019). 

Happy Samhain!

Ancestors (Blood red w/shimmer) 

This Samhain the ancestors are reaching out to you. Connect with your roots and discover the many ways you can flower. 


Harvest (Pumpkin)

This Samhain you are invited to appreciate the bounty of your own harvest. Take stock in what you have and share gratitude with others. 


Swamp Queen (Sage green w/shimmer) 

  There is beauty in magic even in the dark places. That which no longer serves shall rot away and feed your future success. 


Star Goddess – Black w/glitter

  See the connections in all things and come to know how you are part of the All. Surrender the ego and become divine. 


Witch Queen - Purple w/shimmer

  The Queen of Witches is calling to you! Find time to seek the power within. 


Lucky Stars (Butterscotch) 

Good fortune shines upon you! A blessing from the goddess Fortuna. Trust in your inner wisdom. Hail, Fortuna! 


Siren Song (Blue w/shimmer) 

  There is a stirring deep within. It's time to look through the murky waters to find the clarity of your heart's desire. 


Don't forget your  discount code: NOLA2018 to get 20% off your online purchase of $50 or more at! (Offer expires January 1, 2019)