Image above from 'King Novelty Company'
Catalog #45circa 1930's

Your mojo bag is considered a living being. To care for it you can do the following:

1     Some say they you should never show your Mojo Hand  to anyone, that it is for you alone, and that you should never let anyone else handle it other than yourself. If this accidentally happens you will need to cleanse it by praying over it and dressing it as in step #3 with Florida Water or Whiskey. Other Conjure workers do not have such a prohibition, and encourage folk to remove their mojo bag and ask it for aid whenever the need arise. Whichever tradition works best for you is the one you should follow.
2.     Never open up your Mojo Hand to look at its contents. Mojo Hands are considered to be living beings; you would not casually open up someone else surgically to see what’s inside them, so likewise your Mojo Hand should not be opened.
3.     It should be dressed or “fed” weekly. You can do this by lighting an appropriately colored candle, and then wetting the Mojo Hand in the four corners and the center (so that it resembles a 5 from one of a set of dice) and praying over it for its purpose. The specific purpose of your Mojo Hand will determine what oils or colognes you should use to dress it with. (See above.) You may use any heart-felt prayer, either from your spiritual or religious tradition(s), or even made up on the spot. The point is that you feel it deeply when you are making your prayer.
4.    Keep your Mojo Hand with you. It should be worn and concealed, but may be kept in a purse, a pocket, or even pinned to undergarments. At night, it is customary to place it in between your pillow and the case so that it can remain close.
5.     Touch it and renew your prayer when you feel that you especially need its help in a given situation. This will increase its connection to you and keep the momentum of its power moving forward.

Image above from 'King Novelty Company'
Catalogue #45circa 1930's