Safe Travel Mojo Water


SAFE TRAVEL MOJO WATER 2oz This mojo Water is blended with herbs and essential oils traditionally called upon to keep travelers safe. Rub some on your shoes or the handle of your suitcase before a trip, or keep some in your car for road trips.  

Second Sight Mojo Water


SECOND SIGHT MOJO WATER 2oz Do you wish you were more intuitive... able to dream true, scry into a crystal ball, see spirits, or get more insight from your tarot readings? This Mojo Water is blended with herbs and essential oils that have long been used to open people up psychically and enhance visions.  

Stop Gossip Mojo Water


STOP GOSSIP MOJO WATER 2oz People talk, especially when they have something negative or scandalous to say. To help keep yourself from being the target of their slander try some of our Stop Gossip Mojo Water. It has herbs and essential oils traditionally called upon to help control the bad behavior of others, along with alum, which shrivels the tongue...

Sweet Dreams Mojo Water


SWEET DREAMS MOJO WATER 2oz Summon up your worries and stresses, then sooth them away by breathing deeply of this enchanting aroma. Dab a bit on your forehead, then lay back and drift in restful sleep. This formula helps you to dream true with ease.  

Uncrossing Mojo Water


UNCROSSING MOJO WATER 2oz When someone has had a run of bad luck and is surrounded by negative energy they are said to suffer from "crossed conditions," thus an uncrossing rite is the traditional treatment. Use it to cleanse the negativity from your threshold as a wash, or use it in a spiritual bath for your own cleansing.  

Van Van Mojo Water


VAN VAN MOJO WATER 2oz Van Van is a Conjure product that many generations of root doctors have relied on to bless themselves and those sacred items that aid in their welfare. Add this to your bath water, or use it to cleanse and charge items such as crystals or sacred jewelry.  

Watchful Eye of Protection Mojo Water


WATCHFUL EYE OF PROTECTION MOJO WATER 2oz A modern method that some have used for this is to wet their finger with this water, then slide it across the embossed digits of their credit cards to magically ward against credit fraud.  

Wisdom of Solomon Mojo Water


WISDOM OF SOLOMON MOJO WATER 2oz King Solomon of the Old Testament is renowned for his wisdom, and therefore this traditional conjure recipe is dedicated to him and draws much of its power from the Seal of Solomon herb. This oil is often used along with Crown of Success when the goal is academic, said to help a student gain...

Florida Water


FLORIDA WATER 7.5 oz The spicy-flowery notes of Florida Water are complemented by sweet orange, lavender, and clove. Always promoted as a unisex scent, Florida Water can be used as a body splash, aftershave, skin toner, linen sprinkle, and so much more. Not as obtrusive or long-lasting as perfume or cologne, Florida Water is a light, refreshing tonic suitable for...

Hoyt's Cologne


HOYT'S COLOGNE 2 fl. oz (59.2 ml) Hoyt's Cologne developed in 1868 is truly an old fashioned fragrance reminiscent of early American colognes.  A clean and refreshing scent with fragrance notes of citrus and floral.  Hoyt's is widely believed to bring good luck.  Splash on your hands and body before playing games of chance.  

Rose Cologne


Rose Cologne 4 oz Perfect for love spells and rituals of blessing and good luck, Rose cologne also allows you to drape yourself in the sweet, romantic scent of roses, with a drop or two lasting upon the skin for hours.

3 Warlocks Vinegar


THREE WARLOCKS VINEGAR 2oz Inspired by the traditional formula for Four Thieves Vinegar, our Three Warlocks Vinegar possesses all the power to cleanse and protect, as well as to charge you with powerful magical energy.  This product is for use in baths and washes, for spiritual cleansing and to empower and strengthen magical resolve. Not intended for internal consumption.