Holy Water


HOLY WATER 4oz Blessed by Catholic priests this Holy Water can be used for rites of purification, exorcising evil, and blessing.

Florida Water


FLORIDA WATER 7.5 oz The spicy-flowery notes of Florida Water are complemented by sweet orange, lavender, and clove. Always promoted as a unisex scent, Florida Water can be used as a body splash, aftershave, skin toner, linen sprinkle, and so much more. Not as obtrusive or long-lasting as perfume or cologne, Florida Water is a light, refreshing tonic suitable for...

Hoyt's Cologne


HOYT'S COLOGNE 2 fl. oz (59.2 ml) Hoyt's Cologne developed in 1868 is truly an old fashioned fragrance reminiscent of early American colognes.  A clean and refreshing scent with fragrance notes of citrus and floral.  Hoyt's is widely believed to bring good luck.  Splash on your hands and body before playing games of chance.  

Rose Cologne


Rose Cologne 4 oz Perfect for love spells and rituals of blessing and good luck, Rose cologne also allows you to drape yourself in the sweet, romantic scent of roses, with a drop or two lasting upon the skin for hours.