Four Thieves Vinegar


FOUR THIEVES VINEGAR 4oz Folklore tells us of four thieves who concocted a special vinegar that kept them healthy even as they robbed graves during the Black Plague. Folk tradition utilizes this vinegar for the purpose of cleansing and protection, often adding it to a wash. There are a multiple recipes out there for Four Thieves Vinegar; for our Modern...

Has No Hanna


HAS NO HANNA 4oz "Has No Hanna" is likely an attempted pronunciation of "hasnuhana," which is a name for jasmine. "Has No Hanna" scents are traditionally floral with hints of citrus, and are used to draw your desires to you, especially love and fortune.

Hex Breaker


HEX BREAKERDEVIL DESTROYER, JINX REMOVER, CURSE LIFTER, SPELL KILLER 4oz This powerful product may be added to a bath or floor wash in small amounts (so that its dark color does not stain be sure to dilute, its strength will prevail no less). A better use may be to soak a petition paper in this water for a week. A...

Love Potion Number Nine


LOVE POTION #94oz Popularized by the 1959 song (originally performed by The Clovers and written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller), this once fictional love potion has since been concocted as a spiritual apothecary product by a variety of producers. Modern Conjure Brand Love Potion No. 9 is not for internal consumption, but intended to be worn as a cologne...

Lusty Goona Goona Water


LUSTY GOONA GOONA 4oz Goona Goona products first appeared on the curio market in the 1930's, when 'Goona Goona' was popular slang for sex. Later, after the slang phrase fell out of favor, Goona Goona products were described as promoting peace and understanding; however the spicey ingredients are more often used for sexual allure.

Rose of Jericho Water


ROSE OF JERICO WATER 4oz A bit of this liquid added to a bath or mop water constitutes a traditional means of breaking bouts of bad luck. It is intended to aid those who feel they are under the influence of negative energies. Infused with powerful herbal tinctures and essential oils, its recipe relies on natural forces to remedy spiritual...

Rue Water


RUE WATER 4 oz Use of Rue in magic is ancient and sacred in many cultures such as Santeria and the witchcraft tradition of Strega. Uses for Rue water vary. Washing one's hands with it is said to bring wealth, whereas washing one's brow allegedly aids with psychic sight. It is also a protective herb, and is traditionally added to...

Spirit Water


SPIRIT WATER 4ozDon't be caught off guard when your dead relatives drop by your home for an impromptu visit, have something to offer then such as a glass of this Spirit Water. It has everything a spirit thirsts for, sweetened with anisette syrup and suped up with herbs suited for strengthening the psychic bond between the living and the deceased....

Quench Water


QUENCH WATER 4ozQuench Water is derived from the water used by blacksmiths for the purpose of cooling the metal they have fired, and therefore it is used for cooling tempers. Use it on yourself simply by splashing some on your brow when feeling hot headed. To cause calm in someone else, find a nail and name it for that person,...

War Water


WAR WATER 4 oz War Water was adapted for magical purposes from iron water, which once was used to strengthen the blood. Iron is also associated with Mars, the god of war. The iron found in this concoction is derived from rusted coffin nails. Poured around your property it may be used for protection. War Water has a history of...

Chinese Wash


CHINESE WASH 4oz The cleansing power of lemongrass strengthens this formula of aloe and glycerine gel. It works just as well on your hands and body as it does for a floor wash.

3 Warlocks Vinegar


THREE WARLOCKS VINEGAR 2oz Inspired by the traditional formula for Four Thieves Vinegar, our Three Warlocks Vinegar possesses all the power to cleanse and protect, as well as to charge you with powerful magical energy.  This product is for use in baths and washes, for spiritual cleansing and to empower and strengthen magical resolve. Not intended for internal consumption.