Tarot and Oracle cards are time honored tools of introspection and divination, assisting us in working through life’s problems and challenges by inspiring our deepest nature through the use of art and symbol. Use them to assist in communicating with your highest self, and learn to tap into your own deep wisdom.

Ghosts & Spirits Tarot


79 card deck w/booklet. Ghosts and Spirits Tarot explores the fascinating subject of ghosts, surveying supernatural lore and legend from around the world. This luminous presents 79 ethereal beings, some frightening, and some friendly. Through the symbolism of tarot, they deliver their messages from beyond, shedding light on human experiences. Includes:   Special Bonus card   Booklet with divinatory meanings...

Giant Rider-Waite Tarot Deck


78 "Rider-Waite" Tarot cards measuring a whopping 4" x 6.75" plus 48-page booklet. The world's most popular tarot deck! This classic deck has long been a favorite of tarot enthusiasts. Now in a larger size for those really big readings!

Gilded Tarot


78 card deck with 168 page book. Most Tarot decks with really spectacular designs are really just art collections. The Gilded Tarot transcends this limitation by having some of the most strikingly beautiful art on any Tarot deck, yet follows the Rider-Waite-Smith model. The result is a unique deck that any person with some Tarot experience will find instantly familiar...

Goddess Knowledge Cards


Goddesses from Greek, Roman, Celtic, Native American, Egyptian, Middle Eastern, Scandinavian, and many other traditions are gathered here to enhance our understanding of the roles of the feminine deity. In learning about these archetypes, we come to recognize them in ourselves -to gain a clearer perception of our powers and weaknesses and to achieve a common thread, a link to...

Goddess Oracle Deck & Book Set


Through a dynamic combination of poetry, mythology, and ritual, this insightful oracle answers your questions and offers guidance for handling the challenges facing you. This distinctive book and deck of 52 beautifully illustrated cards celebrate the many faces of the Goddess as she has been worshipped around the world since the beginning of time. 52 cards Book is 208 pages...

Goddess Tarot Deck


The Goddess Tarot uses goddess stories and imagery to update traditional tarot symbolism, addressing women's contemporary needs. Described on Aeclectic Tarot as "possibly the most beautiful tarot deck ever to be created" Goddess Tarot is ornately illustrated with evocative details that bring tarot to life in new ways. Each card in the Major Arcana depicts the story of a different...

Goddess Tarot Deck & Book Set


The Goddess Tarot uses goddess stories and imagery to update traditional tarot symbolism, addressing women's contemporary needs. Described on Aeclectic Tarot as "possibly the most beautiful tarot deck ever to be created" Goddess Tarot is ornately illustrated with evocative details that bring tarot to life in new ways. Each card in the Major Arcana depicts the story of a different...

Golden Tarot Deck


Kat Black has created a sumptuous tarot deck using a sophisticated collage technique that brings new luster and meaning to the European masterpieces she has assembled for this special deck. Each painting been meticulously researched and chosen specifically for its divine evocations.While her deck remains true to the original Rider-Waite traditional symbolism, Kat Black offers accessible tarot interpretations that are...

Golden Tarot of the Renaissance


Once known as the Charles VI or Gringonneur Tarot, this historic masterpiece has been restored, completed, and renamed to reflect its true history. This late 15th century deck was made in Ferrara for the Estes family. The Minor Arcana, added by Dworkin, were inspired by frescos in Schifanoia Palazzo, owned by the Estes family. These images are alive with movement...

Gorgon's Tarot


The Gorgon’s TarotDolores FitchieSize: 6″ x 9″ | 79 cards | 208 ppA round, mostly black and white deck with two lurking splashes of color, The Gorgon’s Tarot is an innovative and inspired way to read the tarot. With Dolores Fitchie’s discreet, tongue-in-cheek humor, it’s also engaging and fun to read! The traditional 78-card deck is complemented by an additional...

Grace Cards


There is a benevolent force of energy available to guide your life, and it always has your best interests at heart. This energy is "grace. "When you open yourself to its influence, you'll begin to see the signs, symbols, and messages that are placed in your path to lead you in the right direction."""Grace Cards" are a practical way of...

Guardian Angel Cards


Guardian Angel Cardsby Toni Carmine Salerno46 card deck Guardian Angels are divine messengers of love and light, guiding us along life’s sacred journey. Through these cards, the Angels offer wisdom for all who seek a deeper truth along with clarity, inspiration, guidance and healing. Includes 46 heart-shaped cards, packaged in a deluxe heart-shaped box.

Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards


Antique deck of 52 cards with miniature cards in the upper left corners and descriptive pictures with meanings on the remaining portions of the cards. Also suitable as a regular deck of playing cards.

Halloween Oracle, Deck


Unleash your inner monster and trick-or-treat your way into a connection with the most magical and scary night of the year: Halloween! Festivals of the Dead like Halloween have been celebrated for thousands of years across many different world cultures. They serve to honor those who have passed and to celebrate death as a natural part of life and an...

Halloween Tarot Deck & Book Set: 78-Card Deck [With Book]


Black cats, ghosts, and jack o'lanterns offer enchantment and light-hearted perspectives in this lively tarot deck and book set.    

Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck


U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Artist Mary Hanson-Roberts presents a new interpretation of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck depicting full scenes with stunning imagery.

Healing Angel Cards: Loving Guidance from the Angels


by Toni Carmine Salerno This inspiring set by bestselling author Toni Carmine Salerno, allows you to get quick and clear answers from the Angels.  Featuring 55 cards, the 'Healing Angel Cards' allow you to gain daily inspiration and insight for all aspects of your life.

Heart & Soul Cards: Oracle Cards for Personal & Planetary Transformation


Heart & Soul Cards: Oracle Cards for Personal & Planetary Transformationby Toni Carmine Salerno Answering questions on love, life, and the impermanence of our physical existence, Heart & Soul Cardsprovide nourishment and inspiration for mind, body, and spirit. Look within your own heart, for it is from within that the extraordinary is created and is able to manifest in our everyday life....

Herbal Tarot Deck


Herbal Tarot follows the general assignments of the Rider-Waite deck, but each card is assigned an individual medicinal herb based upon intuition, astrological and energetic values. A different herb is pictured and identified on each card. The deck was drawn by artist Candice Cantin under the direction of herbalist Michael Tierra. According to the creators, "The Herbal Tarot is a...

Hermetic Tarot Deck


Back in print by popular demand.... This deck is one of the few that easily reveals the planetary influences at work in a matter. 78 cards in the black & white deck.

Housewives Tarot Deck


Within This Box Lie The Secrets of Domestic Empowerment Begin your journey by lifting the lid, dealing out your fate, and understanding the hidden messages of "The Housewives Tarot. "Through images of dinnerware (Pentacles), martini glasses (Cups), mops and brooms (Wands), and much more, these tarot cards can answer all of life's most challenging questions. The enclosed instruction book will...