Our selection of hard to find and rare tropical and ornamental plants. We feature a wide selection of imported, seed grown, and propagated plants including various philodendron, anthurium, begonia, alocasia, colocasia, Hoya, and datura species. Check back regularly for stock updates.


Happy and healthy Philodendron Florida Ghost! Three options available.
Big plants! Very happy, well rooted, new leaves on the way! Some of the best Crystallinum I’ve seen to date. Cultivar bread for the extended red color of the petiole before turning green.
Various sizes. Philodendron Gloriosum is a popular crowd favorite! Gorgeous leaves that creep along your chosen medium.
Well rooted mag verde with new leaf along the way!
Syngonium “Pink Flecked” well rooted top cuts.
Each specimen is a fully rooted top cut, big leaves and lots of activity!
Alocasia Hilo Beauty in 4" pot. Plants will grow to two-feet tall and wide. Beautiful, hard to find, and worthy of your collection!Ships in pot. Actual plant seen above.
Happy established Alocasia Zebrina Reticulata. Rare and hard to find. Wishlist plant at its best!Will grow 2+ feet tall and is known for the vibrant reticulation on leaves and spotted ness on petiole. FREE SHIPPING!
Rare Syngonium cultivar, cross between Syn. moonlight and Syn. confetti that comes and goes in availability. Pictures of petiole for verification provided.
Rooted clippings. Multiple per order. Growers choice!