Each Blend is handmade fresh for you when you place your order. They have been blessed by the Angels just for you.

Handmade by Christine Rossi!  These Oils and Spray Blends are blended with a Jojoba base oil, and essential oils. 


Angel Blessing  A heady floral…Brings peace, tranquility and a calm feeling.  Helps repel negativity. 


A New Day A  soft floral….Promotes a feeling of youth and promise.  A gentleness within the heart.


Balance A green base with soft floral medium note….A balance of Heart mind and body. Lifting your Spirit to a higher vibration.


Break through   A soft floral , with a woodsy citrus sweet under note...  Break out of old patterns, which no longer serve your growth.


Calm Thoughts  A earthy tone, sweetness of the forest after a rain...  Calms your thoughts, to bring in more peace and tranquility.


Clearing   A heady floral… Clearing the chakras, open the way for love and protection.


Communication    A spicy sweet fresh scent…  Opens the throat chakra.  Great during Mercury retrograde.


Divine Armor A strong citrus base with a green woodsy blend…  Protection from negative energy, and psychic attacks. Real silver is used.


Divine Love  A citrus blend with soft floral finish..   Everlasting embrace of love, and commitment.


Fae Spray  A light airy scent with coconut…..  Brings laughter, fun ,adventure,love good luck, and Fae into your life.


Good Karma sweet woodsy fruity…Embrace to Joy of good karma,peace,prosperity, and richness in life.


Guardian Angel  A gentle floral scent, with a hint of vanilla…  When you need Divine help. Spiritual aid from your Guardian Angel.


New Beginnings  A clean green scent with hint of citrus and spice...  A fresh start that removes the negative past energy.  Inviting new experiences, success and confidence


Passion  A gentle floral spicy blend...  Helps to open root and sacral chakra.

Peace of Mind   A clean soft floral scent…  Not my monkeys!  Not My circus! Such darkness as has touched me is swallowed up by the flowing crystal river of light flowing through me.


Refresh   A floral with light citrus finish...  A sweetness and purity of Heart.  Restoring energy and love of life.


Sage with Love   Has a green note of Sage with a sweet floral…  A clearing of negative energy.  Attracting a feeling of calm and love.  


Self Love A sweet woodsy earthy scent...  Healing for the heart.  Restoring self nurturing, self esteem and desirability.


Simply Successful  A gentle citrus with woodsy undertone…  Removes the blocks to clear the way inn Love or Money.


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