Bayberry Root (1oz)


Morella Cerifera Common names: 'Bayberry Root''Candleberry''Myrica''Tallow Shrub''Waxberry'Morella Cerifera is used in sachets and mojo bags for drawing money. It is often used as a stimulant in meditations that are geared towards the manifestation of one’s financial goals. Because of its use as a natural bug repellent, it is also associated with protection from various forms of negative influences.

Balm of Gilead (1oz)


Populus candicans Balm of Gilead brings peace to a room, especially when place in all four corners. Domestic spats are said to become sparce when Balm of Gilead is around.  Mixed with Myrrh it is burned as an incense to help heal broken hearts. When utilized as an ingredent in love spells its addition promotes a gentle and loving affair....

Couch Grass Leaf (1oz)


Elymus RepensCommon names:'Couch Grass''Dog Grass''Quack Grass''Twitch Grass''Witch Grass'This grass is said to draw love and well as to keep a lover and command him or her. A candle rolled in Dog Grass is moved apart from another rolled in Catnip to break up lovers. It’s name ‘Twitch Grass’ is derived from its use in cursing enemies with nerve disorders, allegedly...

Red Sandalwood Powder


Red Sandalwood PowderRed sandalwood powder is a wonderfully meditative scent intended to be burnt on a charcoal as incense. 1oz bottle

Motherwort (1oz)


Leonurus cardiacaMotherwort’s healing properties induce peace in one’s home and workplace. A small bottle or bag may be placed in places where stress occurs, such as the bedroom, the office cubicle, or in the glove compartment to stave off road rage. Brewed into a tea, it may be added to a bath, laundry, or mop bucket, spreading its calming effect...

Flax Seed (1oz)


Linum UsitatissimumCommon name:'Flax'     Flax seed is said to be magically protective. A charm to keep a child safe involves taking its sock and filling it with flax; the sock then can be carried by the parent or places beneath the child bed. Placing some in your shoe or wallet is said to increase your wealth. Flax is also said...

Eyebright Leaf (1oz)


Euphrasia OfficinalisCommon name:'Eyebright'     It’s botanical name is derived from one of the three Greek graces, Euphrosyne, whose name means happiness; therefore it serves as an ingredient for magic that mean to bring a happy mood and alleviate despair. It is prized magically for its effect on the third eye and psychic development; while it was used medically as an...

Comfrey Root (1oz)


Symphytum OfficinaleCommon names:'Ass Ear''Blackwort''Bruisewort''Comfrey Leaf''Knitback''Knitbone' Symphutum Officinale is added to magical working surrounding safe travel, and can be carried in a mojo bag while traveling. On the home-front, it is utilized for its ability to bring loved ones back home safely, such as by encircling your loved one’s picture with the leaf. Comfrey is also used in money drawing magic,...

Asafoetida Powder (1oz)


Ferula Assa-FoetidaCommon names: 'Asafoetida''Devil's Dung'  This terrible smelling powder is used in Indian and Afghani cuisine, however in North American Hoodoo its powerful scent is used for the purposes of cursing an enemy, or for chasing away any spirits that are jinxing you. To the degree that it chases away negative spirits it is also utilized for protection and can...



Periodic Symbol 'S'; #16 Common names: 'Sulphur''Brimstone' The fumes from burning sulfur are toxic and should not be inhaled. Sulfur is an ingredient in many hexing spells, most notably the dreaded "Goofer's Dust", which is scattered on the path of an enemy to curse them. Sulfur is an ingredient in gunpowder; it should be kept away from open flames.



Potassium Nitrate Common name: Saltpetre Saltpeter is an ingredient in gunpowder; precautions should be taken when using saltpeter, especially when fire is present. Saltpeter is found in many self lighting instances. It's explicit nature is often utilized to get extra kick to certain acts of magic, especially when the desired effect is one of swiftness or grandiosity. In Hoodoo it...

Run Devil Run Herb Blend


This blend is ideal for devils of the non-human variety. Those things that drag you down, that trip you up at every turn. Write the name of your devil on a slip of paper, such as that "Smoking Devil" who tempts you to smoke, or "Snake Eyed Devil" who makes you loose at dice. Place the paper in a matchbox,...

Osha Root (1oz)


Ligusticum Porteri Common names: 'Bear Medicine''Colorado Cough Root''Chuchupaste''Porter's Wild Lovage''Indian Root''Mountain Ginseng''Osha Root' Osha Root resists cultivation: it is therefore ideal for work involving resistance to domestication and conformity, a wonderful talisman to take to a protest. It's folk name "Bear Medicine" gives it in association with awakening, since bears hunger for it after hibernation. Call on the spirit of...