Eucalyptus Leaves (1oz)


Eucalyptus GlobulusCommon name:'Eucalyptus'     Eucalyptus is admired for its ability to protect individuals, especially from jinxes, which can the thwarted by carrying eucalyptus leaves in your shoes (which is also a swell way to conceal foot odor). If you feel that you have already succumbed to a jinx then Eucalyptus can be brewed for a bath. As a spiritual cleanser...

Nettle Leaf (.5oz)


Urtica Dioica Common names: 'Nettle''Stinging Nettle' Nettle Leaf is also known as "Stinging Nettles" because of how it can sting and heat the skin. It is used by certain shamen to release negativity and disease from the body by way of rubbing in the creases of the body, where bad spirits are then irritated and coaxed from the body. Many...

Watchful Eye of Protection Herb Blend


We use quality herbs chosen for their traditional use in practices of folk magic, blended with expert care to create an herb blend that is potent and aromatic. You can conjure the energy of this herb blend in several ways. It may be burnt on a charcoal or in a cauldron (always in a safe, ventilated space), as incense. A...

Angelica Root (1oz)


Angelica Archangelica Common names: 'Angelica Root''Holy Ghost Root''Masterwort''Wild Parsnip'     Angelica Archangelica is a powerful ally that has been used for the purpose of uncrossing a person troubled by curses and bad luck. Largely aligned with strong female energy, it has been used to strengthen the resolve of women abused or stalked by a man. To control their man, women...

Fireworks of Love Herb Blend


Crafted by experienced Rootworkers, the ingredients giving it that firecracker kick are our secret, however you may recognize several of the herbs, such as sandalwood, rose, and more, all of which have a history of use in folk practices concerning love magic.  We use quality herbs chosen for their traditional use in practices of folk magic, blended with expert care to create...

Cornflowers (.5oz)


Centaurea CyanusCommon names:'Bachelor's Button''Bluebonnet''Blue Bow''Bluecap''Centaury''Cornflowers''Hurtsickle'     Centaurea Cyanus is derived from the Centaur Chiron, patron of herbs, who is the plant’s genus, and from the goddess Cyanus. It’s folk name ‘Bachelor's Button’ comes from the trend of Victorian women wearing them to announce their availability, thus its association with flirtation. It is also widely used in Hoodoo to promote peace...

Clove Spears (1oz)


Syzygium AromaticumCommon name:'Clove' Clove vibrates at a high frequency that is said to drive away negative forces while adding energy to one’s magic. It is included in sachet powders and mojo bags to attract love, money, and luck at gambling. Working with clove in meditation will bring you closer to the energies of Mother Nature. When burned or used in...

Verbena/Vervain (1oz)


Verbena Officinalis Common names: 'Verbena''Vervain''Herb of Grace''Holy Wort' Verbena is a member of the mint family. Legend holds that the wounds of Jesus were dressed with vervain after he was removed from the cross, leading to its folk names "Herb of the Cross", "Herb of Grace"," and "Holy wort". To entice another to love you take an item of their...

Sweet Grass Braid 18"


Used in Native American ceremonies for generations, Sweetgrass is traditionally great for smudging and purification rituals. 

Elder Berries (1oz)


Sambusus NigraCommon names:'Devil's Eye''Elder Berries'     It is believed by some that spirits dwell within these berries, and such is the reason why they bleed red when pierced. Scatter berries in each of the cardinal directions while shouting the name of whoever is in need of protection. Placed beneath one’s pillow it was said to grant peaceful sleep. To guard...

Patchouli Leaves (1oz)


Pogostemon CablinCommon name:'Patchouli'     Patchouli possesses a sensual and earthy scent, and has a reputation as an aphrodisiac. It was the preferred scent of 1960’s love children, but long before that had been used in magic and perfumery for the purpose of attracting love. In Hoodoo it is believed to relieve jinxes. Many Neo-Pagans utilize it for spells involved with...

Life Everlasting Flowers (1oz)


Helichrysum Stoechas Common names: 'Pearly Everlasting''Life Everlasting' Also known as 'Pearly Everlasting' this member of the daisy family is often brewed as a stimulating tea. As its name suggests it is associated with long life, and therefore is added to spells that seek to extend good health and relationships. A pinch kept in your piggy bank is said to help...

Rosemary Leaf (1oz)


Rosmarinus Officinalis Common name: 'Rosemary' The tradition of planting rosemary near your front door is well documented as a means to draw positive energy and to protect the home. It can also be burned as an incense in the home for the same purpose. When used in Dream Pillows it is said to promote positive and prophetic dreams. In a...

Solomon's Seal Root (1oz)


Polygonatum Biflorum Common name: 'Solomon's Seal' Solomons Seal Root gets its name from the shape left on the ground after its stocks have withered away in the Fall, a shape in the form of a Star of David. Beyond being a symbol for Judaism, this six pointed star is used by ceremonial magicians who, like King Solomon of legend, seek...

Agrimony Leaves (1oz)


Agrimonia EupatoriaCommon names: 'Agrimony''Cockleburr''Church Steeples''Garclive''Stickleburr''Sticklewort'     Agrimonia Eupatoria is part of the rose family. This dried herb often has the scent of dried apricots, and most commonly used in protective sachets and spells. Agrimony is often attributed to the promotion of sleep and is said to ward off evil and negative spirits.

Yarrow Flower (1oz)


Achillea MillefoliumCommon names:'Bad Man's Plaything''Milfoil''Soldier's Woundwort''Staunchweed''Woundwort''Yarrow'     Yarrow is related to Sunflower. Achilles painted his body with a tincture of yarrow to make him impervious to arrows, but by missing his heel his doom was set. Yarrow can be carried in a mojo bag for courage and avoidance of injury in battle, additionally it is carried to promote love and...

Juniper Berries (1oz)


Juniperus CommunisCommon name:'Juniper'     Juniper is often utilized for sexual magic, for it is said that wearing a necklace made of juniper berries for beads will attract lovers. It is also said to have protective properties, especially against theft. It has a long tradition of being burned as an incense offering to the ancestral dead. It is used among the...

Sandalwood Doop (Dhoop) Powder


'Sandalwood Doop (Dhoop) Powder'     Sandalwood doop powder is an incense that has been scented with sandalwood oil. It is used to bless a space or activity such as one’s meditative practice. Some sandalwood doop powder burned in the home promotes peace by removing negativity from the home. 1oz bottle

Mandrake (May Apple) (1oz)


Podophyllum Peltatum Common names: 'American Mandrake''May Apple' Much European lore surrounds the mandrake due to the human shape of its root, however, in North America the plant referred to as mandrake is related to Barberry and is also known as 'May Apple'. The roots of this plans are used to give power to all manner of magic. For wealth, its...

Bee Pollen (1oz)


Bee Pollen, or Honeybee Pollen, has long been used as a superfood, its health benefits touted by many ancient cultures. Magically it has a number of associations. It is a great offering to any of the world's many bee goddesses, such as Aphrodite, Artemis, Cybele, Demeter, Persephone, Rhea, Ariadne, Neith, even the Virgin Mary. It is used in Road Opener...

Reversing Herb Blend


Reversing spells seek to send curses back to their source, to reverse a situation. We use quality herbs chosen for their traditional use in practices of folk magic, blended with expert care to create an herb blend that is potent and aromatic. You can conjure the energy of this herb blend in several ways. It may be burnt on a charcoal or...