Frankincense Resin (1oz)


Boswellia CarteriCommon name:'Frankincense'     Considered sacred to several spiritual traditions, Frankincense Resin is often used to boost the power of spells and incense. As incense it is often given as an offering to deities and ancestors, and is said to summon spirits of the dead to aid in communication with them. One of the gifts of the Magi given to...

Myrrh Resin (1oz)


Commiphora MyrrhaCommon name:'Myrrh Gum'     The use of Myrrh is ancient, used as a sacred fragrance and in the process of embalming. It’s rich, musky scent is an intoxicant, allegedly giving those who use it the advantage of seduction. Pilgrims to the holy land have used Myrrh to scent themselves, an act of purification. One of the substances given at...

Copal Resin (1oz)


Hymenaea CourbarilCommon name:'Copal'Copal resin comes to us from Central America and has been used for countless generations as an offering. Copal is often associated with love, protection and purity; and when burned offers a sultry, exotic smelling smoke. In poppets copal is sewn in as an artificial heart.

Dragon's Blood Resin Powdered


Sanguis DraconisCommon name:'Dragon's Blood'     Dragon’s blood is the name commonly given to the resin collected from the Dragon Palm. Combined with alcohol and Arabic Gum (aka Acacia Powder) it creates an ink that is often used for sacred writings as in a magician’s Book of Shadows or for the creation of a name paper or talisman. As an incense...

Sandalwood Doop (Dhoop) Powder


'Sandalwood Doop (Dhoop) Powder'     Sandalwood doop powder is an incense that has been scented with sandalwood oil. It is used to bless a space or activity such as one’s meditative practice. Some sandalwood doop powder burned in the home promotes peace by removing negativity from the home. 1oz bottle

Red Sandalwood Powder


Red Sandalwood PowderRed sandalwood powder is a wonderfully meditative scent intended to be burnt on a charcoal as incense. 1oz bottle