Lucky Rabbit's Foot, with essence of Van Van


For practical and spiritual reasons, humans try to utilize all parts of an animal that is being eaten, but for the rabbit there is little to be done with the feet. The gentry once fashioned them with ornate handles, which they used to powder their faces. Some believe it was from this association with social power and beauty that made...

Protection Bottle


This one-ounce blue bottle has been filled with protective curios. You may place it in a window or hang it in a place where you

Alligator Claw


Alligator's Feet are commonly used in Southern parts of United States for Gambling and Money Drawing Luck, and on the West Coast are more commonly associated with Protection and sometimes cursing. Like the more common Rabbit's Foot, they can be dressed with Van Van Oil for gambling luck, or, as with Chicken's Feet, they can be dressed with Protection Oil and...

Honey Jar Kit


A honey jar is a traditional spell to “sweeten up” someone’s disposition towards you. A difficult boss, judge, family member or neighbor can be subtly influenced in a positive way by a honey jar according to traditional Conjure craft. Honey jar spells are said to work their magic slowly, for honey is thick and slow to pour. Patience is required...

Indian Head Penny


Old time hoodoo root doctors say that "Indian Head" pennies are a good protection charm, especially protection against police and government agencies. One traditional charm is to nail four Indian Head Pennies into the threshold of your building and then anoint them with "Law Keep Away" Oil to prevent the police from entering. This is especially effective when nailed in...

Camphor Squares


1 oz Camphor is well known for its ability to help restore spiritual vigor and renew the spirit. Some also believe it can aid with psychic abilities and prophetic dreams. Each package comes with four squares. To spiritually cleanse a room, place a bowl containing a camphor square covered in Florida Water in each corner of a room for seven...

Lucky Green Rice


Rice is a time-honored symbol of riches and prosperity. Lucky Green Rice is said to grant riches. Scatter outside your home or business to promote prosperity! Place in your kitchen cupboard with a wish for plentiful food! Offer some to the spirits of your garden to encourage a bountiful harvest! Carry some on your person for all around good luck...

Witch Bottle


Witch Bottles have been used for centuries to protect a dwelling and its inhabitants from malevolent energy. These Witch Bottles we have crafted include Coffin Nails, Burnt Matches, Thorned Stakes, Blackened Pins, Black Tourmaline, Solomonic Seals, an Alligator's Claw, a Skull Bead, and a blend of protective herbs. These curios have been ritually charged with the intention of protecting against...

Genuine Lodestone Attraction Spell Kit


Our Genuine Lodestone Attraction Spell Kit contains a real lodestone, magnetic sand, Mighty Magnet Lodestone Oil, and a red pouch.  This living lodestone is magnetite/iron-ore which was struck by lightning and now carries its own magnetic charge! Loadstones have been used since ancient times as powerful talismans of good fortune, wealth, love, and personal power. Traditionally lodestones are used to draw...

Graveyard Dirt


Graveyard Dirt is used as a physical link to the spirit world. Sprinkle this in rites in order to enlist the aid of spiritual helpers. Collected from a cemetery using traditional methods and with respect to the honored dead.

Evil Eye Bead


From Wikipedia: The evil eye is a look that is believed by many cultures to be able to cause injury or bad luck for the person at whom it is directed for reasons of envy or dislike. The term also refers to the power attributed to certain persons of inflicting injury or bad luck by such an envious or ill-wishing look. The...

Magnetic Sand (Natural)


Iron shavings are a traditional food for your lodestone. Bathing a lodestone in whiskey then feeding it magnetic sand is a weekly ritual for many conjure doctors, employed to keep the spirit of your lodestone alive and healthy and able to do its work of drawing your desires to you. Magnetic sand is often sprinkled into spells for attraction.

Faery Glamour Love Spell Kit


Faery Glamour Love Spell Kit Our Faery Glamour Love Spell Kit has everything you need to remove whatever is blocking you from being able to really shine and attract your desire. Each kit contains: 3 red dressed candles, herb blend, a piece of parchment paper, a rose quartz, a citrine, a peacock ore, a red satin pouch, and simple instructions. ...

Alum Rock (1oz)


In the old Warner Bros. cartoons a common scenario often involved the sweet and vulnerable Tweety Bird slipping some alum to the menacing Sylvester.  This causes the cat's mouth to forcibly pucker and prevents him from being able to devour the "defenseless" canary. In folk magic, this mineral is used in a somewhat similar fashion: Spells to "stop gossip" and...