Our Genuine Lodestone Attraction Spell Kit contains a real lodestone, magnetic sand, Mighty Magnet Lodestone Oil, and a red pouch. 

This living lodestone is magnetite/iron-ore which was struck by lightning and now carries its own magnetic charge! Loadstones have been used since ancient times as powerful talismans of good fortune, wealth, love, and personal power. Traditionally lodestones are used to draw your desires close to you. Our living lodestone kit comes with everything you need to start; one loadstone, Modern Conjure 'Mighty Magnet' dressing oil, magnetic sand, and a red satin pouch.

'Feed' the stone each week with a pinch of the magnetic sand, and tell your lodestone your desires. Dress with the oil and place in the pouch. Lodestones are considered to be living beings, take care of yours and it will take care of you! 

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