A honey jar is a traditional spell to “sweeten up” someone’s disposition towards you. A difficult boss, judge, family member or neighbor can be subtly influenced in a positive way by a honey jar according to traditional Conjure craft. Honey jar spells are said to work their magic slowly, for honey is thick and slow to pour. Patience is required for this work, but the pay off is well worth it. For extra boosts of energy, such as when you need to ask the object of your spell for a special favor or when reunions are inevitable, simply burn a candle atop the jar shortly before your encounter.

You will need to begin by deciding who your spell aims to influence. Most often this is a person, although it can also be a group, such as a board of directors or a jury. You will need to take the paper provided with this kit and write on it the name of whoever you wish to sweeten. Their full name is ideal, along with their birth date if you are privy to that. For lesser known individuals you may use their nickname, or describe then, e.g. the lady in apartment 4D. For a group, name the organization, such as ‘the jury in the Smith vs Jones case.’ Additionally, if you have a personal concern for the person(s) that is small enough to fit in the jar then include it. A small lock of hair or fingernail clipping works well. Something they have owned also works, such as a coin or key. Images also work well and may be folded up and placed in the jar as well.

Once you have your name paper written simply place it in the honey jar along with any personal concerns you may have. Twist the lid on tight. Place the tea-light on top, light it, and say.

“Honey jar so sweet and golden
To me shall [name of person(s)] be beholden
Sweeten every disposition
That acts towards me in opposition.”

Please note, this jar contains grade A raw, 100% natural uncooked honey, unbleached, unfiltered and undiluted. However, it is intended for the use specified on this document alone and not as a food product.

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