Graveyard Dirt


Graveyard Dirt is used as a physical link to the spirit world. Sprinkle this in rites in order to enlist the aid of spiritual helpers. Collected from a cemetery using traditional methods and with respect to the honored dead.

Magnetic Sand (Natural)


Iron shavings are a traditional food for your lodestone. Bathing a lodestone in whiskey then feeding it magnetic sand is a weekly ritual for many conjure doctors, employed to keep the spirit of your lodestone alive and healthy and able to do its work of drawing your desires to you. Magnetic sand is often sprinkled into spells for attraction.

Alum Rock (1oz)


In the old Warner Bros. cartoons a common scenario often involved the sweet and vulnerable Tweety Bird slipping some alum to the menacing Sylvester.  This causes the cat's mouth to forcibly pucker and prevents him from being able to devour the "defenseless" canary. In folk magic, this mineral is used in a somewhat similar fashion: Spells to "stop gossip" and...