Lucky Rabbit's Foot, with essence of Van Van


For practical and spiritual reasons, humans try to utilize all parts of an animal that is being eaten, but for the rabbit there is little to be done with the feet. The gentry once fashioned them with ornate handles, which they used to powder their faces. Some believe it was from this association with social power and beauty that made...

Protection Bottle


This one-ounce blue bottle has been filled with protective curios. You may place it in a window or hang it in a place where you

Alligator Claw


Alligator's Feet are commonly used in Southern parts of United States for Gambling and Money Drawing Luck, and on the West Coast are more commonly associated with Protection and sometimes cursing. Like the more common Rabbit's Foot, they can be dressed with Van Van Oil for gambling luck, or, as with Chicken's Feet, they can be dressed with Protection Oil and...