Graveyard Dirt is used as a physical link to the spirit world. Sprinkle this in rites in order to enlist the aid of spiritual helpers. Collected from a cemetery using traditional methods and with respect to the honored dead.
Rice is a time-honored symbol of riches and prosperity. Lucky Green Rice is said to grant riches. Scatter outside your home or business to promote prosperity! Place in your kitchen cupboard with a wish for plentiful food! Offer some to the spirits of your garden to encourage a bountiful harvest!...
Red Brick Dust is used for protection. Sprinkle some across your threshold and window sills to keep evil at bay. 2 oz Bottle
Black salt is useful for protection work. Add a pinch to your bath to uncross yourself from negative conditions. Sprinkled in a circle around yourself, black salt will allegedly allow your deeds to remain hidden from the eyes of others. These come in two ounce, cork topped jars.
For practical and spiritual reasons, humans try to utilize all parts of an animal that is being eaten, but for the rabbit there is little to be done with the feet. The gentry once fashioned them with ornate handles, which they used to powder their faces. Some believe it was...