Along the Path to Enlightenment
By Hawkins, David R (Author), Jeffrey, Scott (Editor)

Paperback. 201 pages

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Sir David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., is an internationally renowned psychiatrist, consciousness researcher, spiritual lecturer, and mystic. Author of more than eight volumes, including the bestseller "Power vs. Force, " Dr. Hawkins's work has been translated into more than 17 languages. Dr. Hawkins has lectured at Westminster Abbey, the Oxford Forum, the University of Argentina, Notre Dame, Stanford, and Harvard. He has also served as advisor to Catholic, Protestant, and Buddhist monasteries.Scott Jeffrey is the author of numerous books, including "Creativity Revealed: Discovering the Source of Inspiration." He is the authorized biographer for Dr. David R. Hawkins.

Author Bio
Dr. David R. Hawkins is a world-famous author, spiritual teacher and consciousness researcher, whose books have won wide acclaim and readership. His work represents the leading edge of consciousness research and the verification of spiritual realities, such as the author's own major subjective realizations and transformation. His background includes 50 years as a practicing psychiatrist, during which time he ran the largest psychiatric practice in the U.S. He has authored numerous scientific and spiritual publications and books, and regularly presents spiritual seminars. He has lectured at Westminster Abbey and world-famous universities. He has been knighted by The Sovereign Order of St. John's of Jerusalem of Denmark in recognition of his contributions to humanity. 

Jeffrey is the master strategist behind The Scott Jeffery Companies, a world-class strategic consulting and business coaching enterprise.

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