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Dowsing & the Chakra System


Dowsing & the Chakra Systemby Brenda HuntPaperback. 96 pages.  This book combines two areas of healing work – dowsing and the chakra system.  When you combine the two methods of healing, you create a powerful tool to help you in your own life and to help others. The Chakra system is our own personal energy field and can affect all areas...

Dowsing for Beginners


Dowsing for Beginnersby Richard WebsterPaperback. 198 pages.  You can easily locate water, coins, artifacts, lost objects―even missing people―when you follow the simple instructions in this divination book.  With expert guidance from Richard Webster, you’ll discover how to improve your life in many practical ways by dowsing. Begin by learning how to use the tools of dowsing: angle rods, divining rods,...

How To Use A Pendulum For Dowsing And Divination


How To Use A Pendulum For Dowsing And Divinationby Ronald L. Bonewitz Anyone can learn to use a pendulum. This powerful tool brings together the left and right sides of the brain and acts as an antenna, helping you tune into your intuition and pick up on energies and vibrations emitted by people, objects, and places. Crammed with practical exercises,...